Everything you need to know about Shellac Gel Nails ...

Shellac Gel Polish

Shellac is the original Power Polish service, empowering you, the real woman, with 14+ days of superior colour, no matter what life brings you. Set it and forget it. Practical and fearless. Improve your nails with an armour coat that says, "See you in 2 weeks"."

Will it damage my natural nails?

Shellac will not damage your nails and it helps to strengthen them, which makes it a perfect product for nail biters. If you struggle to grow your natural nails, try Shellac for two months and you'll be amazed with the results!

How long will it last?

It will simply stay put until it grows out or you decide to remove it for another colour. It's guaranteed to last without chipping for at least 14days, and depending on how fast your nails grow. And as your toenails grow considerably slower than fingernails, Shellac will last literally months on them.

How do I remove it?

You can get your Shellac removed in the salon, or you can soak a cotton pad with Acetone. Rubbing them over with a cuticle stick once the polish is softened will speed up the process.

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